Aleksi Lausti | About
I'm a freelance photographer and journalist, who has also among other things worked as an editor in various publications and contributed articles on various topics to others. For the past seventeen years I've also worked as a volunteer and co-administrator at a non-profit international collective of charities based in India, that is dedicated to helping to alleviate the burden of the world's poor and providing humanitarian aid where needed

I first held a camera and shot my first images when I was six years old. The camera was an old and battered medium format TLR (twin lens reflex) camera from East-Germany, but it was more than enough to kindle in me a deep love of photography that continues unabated until today. Later, in the 80's, I worked and studied in a dark room and discovered the magic of developing film and techniques related to producing fine art prints. Fast forward: An inner urge to explore the spiritual side of life took me eventually to India. After what came to be more than a decade of monastic life in India, I eventually returned to photography in the digital age and have not looked back since.

My style of photography stems from my inner aesthetic and practice of contemplation, peaceful living and closeness to nature. I execute various types of photography for my own pleasure as well as a variety of clients, yet I always try to look deep under the surface and discover something beautiful and profound with a new perspective that makes even the most mundane subject matter reveal new levels of meaning. Give me a assignment, be it a wedding, portraiture, landscapes or photojournalism and I will deliver you something unforgettable and unique. Please feel free to contact me without hesitation. Cheers!

You can read more about me on my blog. Thank you for your interest.